What travelers really want at the airport: cinemas and nap areas

Posted by Mary ForgioneDaily Deal and Travel Blogger at the Los Angeles Times – Travel

July 4, 2013, 7:45 a.m.

Pool at Singapore's Changi Airport

On-site movie theaters and sleeping areas. Those topped the list of amenities that travelers said they wanted at their dream airport. Scotland-based travel website Skyscanner asked 10,000 travelers worldwide what services would improve their airport experience.

According to the website‘s survey, the rest of the top 10 are:

— Libraries that would allow you to grab a book for the trip and return it when you land
— Parks
— Hair salons and spa treatments
— Children’s play areas
— Pools
— Fitness centers
— Man-made beaches
— Bicycles

Many airports already offer services such as massages and hair salons, and some feature sleeping areas. Minute Suites, for example, offers places to get horizontal at airports in Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Others are ahead of the curve. Hong Kong International, for example, has an Imax theater that holds 350 people — pricesrange from $45 to $60 a ticket, according to the website — and a nine-hole golf course, which costs about $45 to $83 for a round. It also features something called the Dream Come True Education Park where children can play grown-up and learn what working life is all about.

Singapore’s Changi Airport offers travelers the use of aswimming pool and Jacuzzi at the Ambassador Transit Hotel (for $13.91, the website says), fitness centers and nature trails that run through the airport’s koi ponds and green spaces, including a Butterfly Garden.


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